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A new sound

It is a joy this morning to worship in a new environment and listen to a sound mix produced by a professional. I will link him later. Needless to say jeremy does an awesome job and really helps worship really hit that next level. So far I am really enjoying my visit to Sunridge Community Church where my mentor Rich Kirkpatrick is the Worship Arts Pastor.


And The Young Shall Rise Up

And take on the mantle of those who came before them.

Seriously after watching the video below I had a serious case of goosebumps. The video is from Sunridge Community Church and of my mentor Rich Kirkpatrick accompanying his daughter Emilie as she led Billy Foote’s “You Are My King.”

How amazing is it, to see a 13 years old young lady singing with such power and depth. When she wins American Idol 4-5 years from now I will be able to say, “I say at her table and ate Panda Express with her and her family.” Or something ridiculous like that. Head over to Rich’s Blog and tell him what you think please, give the girl some props not for the guts to sing like that, but for her God given talent and gift.

Thanks for joining my in standing in awe.