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for those of you who link via my url my site has changed to strictly being used at


Spiritually Stale. Gross.

What happens when you don’t take proper care of your spiritual life? I recently found out the sickening effects of consuming your own stale spirituality. Have you ever eaten stale bread? Its disgusting. Hard and chewy at the same time. There is no semblance of enjoyment to this process.  So is the same of when you decide to live off of a stale spiritual life.  The words you think and worse yet the words you let fall from your lips feel distant and hollow. You chew on them but gain no flavor, no appealing textures. You are stuck with just the knowledge of what it is and nothing more.

What to do? What you know is best for you. It is different for everybody in execution. For me? Getting back into my old testament research. For someone else? Their daily psalm, proverb, rereading the gospel, journaling, painting, sketching, singing, building, talking to God, praying.   I am sure the possibilities are as endless as the God we worship.

So lets garbage out stale spirituality and get ourselves something fresh and ready for consumption.

No no no no no no no NO!

Disney is acquiring Marvel…. NO!!!!!

Read the Marvel news post here.

This could be the end of all comic book things I hold dear… I mean seriously? Disney? Escape to Witch Mountain? Duane Johnson? This could spell disaster for all that Marvel has worked hard to create in my humble opinion.  Your thoughts?

And yes Matt. If things get bad enough I might just renounce Marvel and head over to DC.

The Camera Saga…Finished…?

So I got my camera back today.  And so in accordance with the wishes of Matt Anderson I have posted my first picture I took since getting it back.   Because I felt like celebrating a fantastic vacation in Oregon, and coming back to a (for now) working camera.  Here is the picture.


That’s right a little Porter to make everything just that much better

Selling the Sentra :(

I bought my 04 Sentra back in 07… And now its time to let it go. Its been a very fun but ultimately unnecessary car and drain on my monthly budget.  So it has made its way onto the ultimate yard sale website. Craigslist.

Here it is on Craigslist. Sad 😦

The Mad Black Nissan

The Mad Black Nissan

The camera saga continues

So I got my camera back not too long ago, and it worked. Then I went to Redding and took some photos at Moonstone Bistro and what do ya know? Good ole Error 99 came back to say hi. Again, and again, and again. Sooooo Geek Squad has sent it off again. And I will hopefully seek my camera in 2-3 weeks.

If it keeps doing this I might actually switch to Nikon with whatever credit they give me and see if I can sell my old canon gear and get a nice lens for the nikon.

I want my camera back ( A Rant )

During Christmas 08 my beloved Rebel XT died. Luckily the protection plan replaced it with the Rebel XS, then during my trip to Pennsylvania it started malfunctioning. It is so frustrating to deal with having faulty technology. But more than that it is really really frustrating to not have the technology to play with at all. So B(Squared) send me back my fixed camera. STAT.