The camera saga continues

So I got my camera back not too long ago, and it worked. Then I went to Redding and took some photos at Moonstone Bistro and what do ya know? Good ole Error 99 came back to say hi. Again, and again, and again. Sooooo Geek Squad has sent it off again. And I will hopefully seek my camera in 2-3 weeks.

If it keeps doing this I might actually switch to Nikon with whatever credit they give me and see if I can sell my old canon gear and get a nice lens for the nikon.


So I got my camera back

I am very excited to say that I need no longer rant. My Canon Digital Rebel XS is back in my loving care after having the CCD board replaced, which is essentially the motherboard of the camera. Part of me secretly hoped that they would offer to credit me towards a new camera. I really want to switch to Nikon. But hey what can you do.

But nonetheless I am happy to have the opportunity to do some photography. Praise God.


I want my camera back ( A Rant )

During Christmas 08 my beloved Rebel XT died. Luckily the protection plan replaced it with the Rebel XS, then during my trip to Pennsylvania it started malfunctioning. It is so frustrating to deal with having faulty technology. But more than that it is really really frustrating to not have the technology to play with at all. So B(Squared) send me back my fixed camera. STAT.

American Idol Live 2009 in SacTown

So I went to Sacramento today and watched the Top 10 of Season 8 American Idol rock the Arco arena. It was a pretty fantastic show. The highlight? Not hearing “No Boundaries” sung. I love Kris Allen, and I loathe that song and co-writer Kara Diaguardi or however you spell her name, I could care less about it. But yah that song was never once uttered on stage.

Instead Kris Allen let the penultimate song by “Hey Jude” and the whole top 10 closed out with “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey, recently made famous by Fox’s new show Glee.

All together a great time, will edit with pictures later.

add on attempt again

Hopefully if you are reading this you found it on either my twitter or on my facebook. Finger’s crossed

Switching up the Fast

So Karina and I have realized it is not a viable financial option to keep having to purchase and repurchase fruits and vegetables all the time. So we are eating normally (but healthily) and are switching to no TV, no X-Box, no Wii, not Computer Games, until I land another job.

Another job interview is afoot

So I go in for an interview for a hopefully better job opportunity on wednesday morning. So all who read, I ask pray, that the interview will go well and that they will consider me for employment with their company.