My iPod had a near death experience

So anyone who knows me knows I love Apple in all its forms. However I always have horrible negligent luck with my products. My Powerbook fell out of a broken backpack and got busted. My iBook I left on top of my car after a weary work day and it did cartwheels on pavement (but still worked for the most part) and my black video iPod decided to have the screen die in my pocket one day. Karina bought me a silver nano for christmas 2 years ago and it ended up going through the washer and dryer this week. But after a reformat and a couple resets it is back and kickin 😀


Fast Day 3

So on July 1st, Karina and I started fasting that I can get a better job and better money. Things are really tight right now so please be praying for us. Our fast is not allowing any meat or dairy. And no sodas or candy per se. I am opting not to put up a daily weight loss amount because I do not want to get focused on it. But I will let you know if I did lose any at the end of it.


Today Karina and I start a fast that will go until we feel it has run its course. We are praying that God could find us a better job in chico with more stable hours and income.


I always find myself here, staring at my keyboard, wondering what subject to write about.  I think about the things I am excited about, the things I am depressed about, and the things that no one really cares about I am sure.

I head out soon to fly to Pennsylvania for a wedding I am in.  That is exciting.  I want to be in a full-time ministry position but those doors aren’t opening like I was hoping they were. That is depressing.  And I ate way too much watermelon today, I doubt you want to care about that.

That pretty much sums everything up that I was going to write about.


My Name is Zach…And I am a

Reality TV junkie. I say this with a bit of a caveat though. I like shows that America actually votes in, and I like shows that do something good. More than just money that is. So American Idol and now So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) are two of my favorite shows, you see people performing to their absolute best and trying to fulfill their dreams, and America Votes. My other consistently enjoyed show is Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Once again, great things happening to good people, because they are good people.

Kris Allen takes home Season 8

Wow I just got done reading through several articles regarding the title of this blog. And the general backlash seems to be pointed in one major director that I have to agree with.

The Judges killed it for Adam.

Adam has had the best vocal control of any contestant ever since I have been watching AI. Whether he chooses to use that all the time has been at his discretion. He probably did deserve the American Idol crown and probably would have won it had it not been for those meddling kids behind their coca-cola cups.

Vote for Adam cheered Simon when it came down to the final 3. You are our world-wide star he said tuesday night. Kara and Paula worshiping him did not help his case. I think Randy is the only one who almost remained sane with his dawg comments.

I want to say though that I am extremely proud of Kris. He did a wonderful job showing himself to be more than just a singer, since that title had already been handed out, but to show himself as an artist. He could compose, play, sing, and emotionally connect, and I think that is what carried him into the final 3, and then even the final 2 as Danny Gokey stepped down.

I hope Kris has an enormous amount of success and I hope this allows for he and his young wife to live life to its fullest.

He lives in a van down by the river…

When he wants to. Why? Because its funny and he can.

Who is he?


I am excited to announce that one of my good friends, Bobby just launched his website. Bobby is a fantastic friend, and besides that a professional mountain bike racer and former paralympic alpine ski team member. And on top of all that now he is starting his career as a motivational speaker. Check him out at RIDEBLINDRACING.COM and wait in anticipation for his blogs.  If they are anything like carrying a conversation with this man than they will be full of wit, intelligence, and overall good times.