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Something I read on myspace regarding the election

Karina was going through her myspace bulletins from friends after the election.  One of them, Joshua, put this up and I just really enjoyed his take on the election. His willingness to embrace and love our new president in such a Christ-like manner.  It was very refreshing.

First off I’d like to say congratulations to Obama for becoming President. No, I didn’t vote for Obama (there are many issues on which I whole-heartedly disagree with him on), but I do like his charisma and his get-to-it attitude. So I’m ready to see what he will offer as our 44th president.
Now, for all of you who where out there screaming about how Obama was a terrorist and how he is the Antichrist and that he’s the doom of our nation: Shame on you! I’m a Christian, not a republican; Open minded, not a democrat. I believe that God is in control and He builds up and tears down governments according to His knowledge and understanding. So when we run around yelling curses and insults at someone just because we are afraid of them… we are assuming the position of having misplaced trust. So for all the republicans that voted for McCain, I’m sorry he didn’t win. I’m sorry that the issues you stand on will not be fought for in these next four years. I truly am sorry, but we need to trust God to handle everything. And I’m not saying that we really need God now because, Lord help us we have a democrat in the white house… come on… that’s ridiculous. I’m saying we need God no matter who is in charge. If McCain was in the white house, I’d be asking God for the same guidance and wisdom as I am now. So for those of you who voted McCain, it’s time to do what Christians, Republicans, and Conservatives do best… Trust. And for those of you who can’t handle Obama being president, I’m sorry. That sucks for you. He is president and it’s going to be that way for another four years… get over it.
So in the end, all I really want is the UNITED states back… I’ve missed them and I am praying and hoping for a country that is united under God, not Obama, not Biden, not Democracy, not issues. We are a country built on the power of a people in one accord and if we let petty things such as “my guy didn’t win” stop us from pursuing that oneness, we are doomed no matter who is president.
I am not siding with the democrats here, nor the republicans. I’m siding with God, and He has governed my life fantastically well so far and I’m trusting Him to continue. So, republicans, don’t be afraid or angry. And, Democrats, congratulations on your win.

God bless America