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American Idol Live 2009 in SacTown

So I went to Sacramento today and watched the Top 10 of Season 8 American Idol rock the Arco arena. It was a pretty fantastic show. The highlight? Not hearing “No Boundaries” sung. I love Kris Allen, and I loathe that song and co-writer Kara Diaguardi or however you spell her name, I could care less about it. But yah that song was never once uttered on stage.

Instead Kris Allen let the penultimate song by “Hey Jude” and the whole top 10 closed out with “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey, recently made famous by Fox’s new show Glee.

All together a great time, will edit with pictures later.


Kris Allen takes home Season 8

Wow I just got done reading through several articles regarding the title of this blog. And the general backlash seems to be pointed in one major director that I have to agree with.

The Judges killed it for Adam.

Adam has had the best vocal control of any contestant ever since I have been watching AI. Whether he chooses to use that all the time has been at his discretion. He probably did deserve the American Idol crown and probably would have won it had it not been for those meddling kids behind their coca-cola cups.

Vote for Adam cheered Simon when it came down to the final 3. You are our world-wide star he said tuesday night. Kara and Paula worshiping him did not help his case. I think Randy is the only one who almost remained sane with his dawg comments.

I want to say though that I am extremely proud of Kris. He did a wonderful job showing himself to be more than just a singer, since that title had already been handed out, but to show himself as an artist. He could compose, play, sing, and emotionally connect, and I think that is what carried him into the final 3, and then even the final 2 as Danny Gokey stepped down.

I hope Kris has an enormous amount of success and I hope this allows for he and his young wife to live life to its fullest.