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Another potential job and another blog

Hello all,

So I had another job interview this morning down in Chico.  Got up at 5:30 to get ready and left at 6:30 for my interview at 8am.  The interview went absolutely fantastic and was more or less offered the job but it is contingent on the first job being willing to work with the second job on my schedule.  If not the first job is my priority still.

Still great to see God working like he is though!

As far as new blogs go I plan on starting another Beer and Beverage review site. Site name and link to come.


We’re Approved!

So we got the final word on our apartment in Chico.  And we get the keys in 8 days.   April 17th is our move in day. And we are moving to Lassen Villa Apartments.  As far as jobs.  I dont name names until I get permission from employers, but I had a really fun interview yesterday that I feel pretty good about, and I got a call for an interview with a different company tomorrow morning at 8am.  So Karina and I are getting up at 5:30 or so to get ready then drive down. Gonna be a fun day.

Keep Praying, ITS WORKING.