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Prayer Comes Through

I just wanted to share a story that happened last week.
Sunday I was writing my tithe check, and I was arguing with God over a difference of $50 in the total.  I had the whole check written; Date, Addressee, Note, Signature, everything but the amount. Karina was practically in tears watching my silent struggle during the worship time to give God that extra $50. I did it eventually, but it was hard. Things are tight for everyone.

Tuesday, I am working, its a decent night, nothing big until at 7:30ish we got a huge pop. And the people were generous to say the least. I made more money that night than any other night at the restaurant in my 1.5 yrs of being there.

Two days later, I find out my little foster-brother-in-law Alex, had asked my in-laws if they could all pray for my tips on Tuesday night, at 7:30ish. That specific of a prayer. They didn’t even know about the tithe incident.

God came through. It was amazing.

Just wanted to share the blessing that God gave me, it allowed me to do special things for Karina’s birthday that week.